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Name:John Connor
Birthdate:Jan 21
There is a storm on the horizon. A time of hardship and pain. This battle has been won, but the war against the machines races on. Skynet's global network remains strong, but we will not quit, until all of it is destroyed. This is John Connor. There is no fate, but what we make.'

The war has started. Man vs machine and John Connor is in the fray. A kill list is discovered and for once? For once John finds he isn't the first target. Not this time. No this time it's Kyle Reese. The man who with Sarah Connor brings John into the world. Now he fights to keep mankind well as ensure he's born.

[Not John Connor. Not Christian Bale. Didn't create the Terminator universe. I am not mankind's savior, thank god. Muse and mun over 18.]
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